Business Optimiser services are centered on business improvement. The benefits we deliver to your business may be separated into two
basic groups. The front end, which is everything to do with the message sent out to clients, stakeholders, and the public. And the back end, which is everything to do with your supply chain, work flow, employee attitudes and behaviour. In other words, improved efficiency at the back end, and improved effectiveness at the front end is a recipe for growth, and or a leaner operation.

As each business is different, it is important to capture the essence of what makes an organisation tick, its individuality, and future direction. This is what sets Business Optimiser apart, a thorough needs analysis is conducted of your operation, and then we apply our experience. The improvement may be for a small part of your process, such as document creation, or an in depth report that requires research, survey and interviews.

At Business Optimiser, there are no sales, account, or campaign managers trying to meet their personal sales targets at your expense. Our approach is to simply deliver a quality service that is preferred and referred.

Set out below is a broad description of our service offer, however if your requirement is not listed then please do not hesitate to ask. Keep in mind, if we can or cannot service your request we will be straight-up!

Website & Social Media

An engaging website that delivers your business is critical! In most cases a website is the first line of introduction to  a potential client or reinforces a previous communication. The content needs to
capture what the business does best, why it is the best, and what are the processes driving it.

1. Website Administration (image and text updates as required)

2. Content Development (Created or corrected text in National or
International English)

3. Website development and customisation to existing site

4. Blogging and updates to social media platforms such as
Facebook and LinkedIn

5. Media Release

6. Newsletter

Policy & Documentation

This category is to demonstrate that your business is up to speed with current industry practices and protocols. Large organisations, State, and Local Government screen service providers that have the correct policy in place to align with their supplier requirements. Tenders and proposal may be won or lost depending on your business approach and what is in place. Generic templates are created to fill in as required, or prepared as a request. Listed  below are the most popular.

1. EMP (Environmental Management Plan)

2. Capability Statement

3. SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement)

4. JSA (Job Safety Analysis)

5. ITP (Inspection and Test Plan)

6. OH&S Manaul (Occuaptional Health and Safety)

7. Registers (Personnel, Plant and Equipment)

8. RFI (Request for Information)

9. Internal VOC (Verification of Competency)

10. Miscellaneous: Pre-Start Meeting, Job Sheet etc.


Content that is used to influence its intended audience or augment a sales and marketing approach.

1. Case Studies

2. Media Releases

3. Mission Statement

4. Commercial Script



Training sessions designed to teach competency in the fields below.

1. MS Office (basic training to enhance presentation and keyboard skills)

2. WordPress orientation

3. Photoshop image editing for websites

4. Language at Work (Identifying and applying key words and phrases that are specific to the organisation's tasks for communication clarity)


E-Manuals are interactive PowerPoint tutorials designed for your application that deliver information and engage the participant with reading and questions. The E-Manual assists in the education of business inductions, performance, tasks, attitudes and behaviours. A benefit of E-Manual training is the participant has acknowledged the information provided by reading and answering questions specific to the topic. Awareness is raised by the step through process that often confirms or denies subjective interpretation. Finally, a "psychological contract" is established as an understanding is formed of management's expectations.

1. Inductions: Contractor, Employee, and Visitor.

2. Training: Eg; Work Methodology, Service Recovery, Client & Business Cost of Input Errors, and Product Markets.

MS Office Templates

Purpose built templates that assist a business operate more efficiently by facilitating information sharing and transparency.

1. Spreadsheets for registering and monitoring quotes, equipment, and other items either coming into the business or as a creation of.

2. Word documents for letterheads, and other administrative purposes.

3. Publisher documents for basic plans and graphics.

4. PowerPoint for organisational structure and presentations.


Drawings of a technical nature that demonstrate your designs, concept, or as a client requisite for a project award.

1. Fabrication

2. Design concept

3. Methodology (illustrates pictorially a method to carry out work for a specified project)

4. Artistic